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Snowy Cones


1. How many servings can you get from one 2.2 Kilo Bag of ice?

Each Bag of ice will yield around 14 medium servings

2. How often do I need to change the blade?

If the machine is used daily, we suggest changing blades about once every 6 months.
If your machine is only used once a week, blades should be changed about once a year.
Or about every 5,000 servings.

3. Do your machines come with a warranty?

Yes, our Snowycone machines that we sell come with a one year "Back to Base" warranty. Please note however that we have less than a 1% return rate for any reason. These machines are built very well and hold up great. Very rarely do we have to replace defective machines.

4. What is the profit margin of a Snowycone?

Your cost on a medium size is about 0.42 p. This includes: Flower cup, Strawspoon, Syrup and Ice. You should sell a medium Snowycone for at least £1.50 which would give you a minimum mark up of at least 70%.

5. What kind of license do you need to operate a Snowycone business?

1 - Hygiene Certificate
2 - Insurance
3 - Council Permission. (If street trading)

6. When I order more syrups and consumables how long will they take to arrive?

If you order before 1pm, then the majority of shipments arrive the next day, but sometimes the day after

7. Can I still run my machine if I haven't got a 240v electricity supply?

Yes we can supply you with a machine that will run straight from a 12v battery

or to have best of both worlds, a transformer can be used to enable use from 240v or 12v

8. How many different syrup flavours do you supply?

At the moment we have 48 different flavours to choose from.

9. Do your portable kiosks fit in the boot of a car?

Yes most family cars are able to take one of our kiosks, although hatchbacks tend to be preferred.

10. Can we earn a commision if we recommend your products?

Yes you can become an Agent for Snowycones within a designated area and earn commission on promoting our products in that area.

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