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Snowy Cones

Franchise Opportunity

Franchise Opportunity

Franchise Opportunity

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Snowycones Franchise opportunity 2016/2017

A Franchise is a tried and tested way of investing in your future, as well as a sound and proven business model. The Snowycone brand is without doubt putting the fun, life and financial rewards back into retailing.

Franchising is a fantastic way for people to start and run their own business - it provides them with an opportunity to earn a high income but with the support and backup of the franchisor behind them.

A Franchise Reduces The Risk of Failure

Starting a new business always carries a risk - new businesses are vulnerable. The degrees of vulnerability vary depending on: Knowledge Skill Financial resources Relevant abilities

(Size & Potential) Retailers and Caterers are quick to identify a new trend and "Snowycones" will soon be promoted in most Seaside towns, Sweet Shops, Shopping malls, Childrens Play Centres, Theme and Holiday Parks all over the UK and Europe. It is the explosion of sweetness, fruit flavour and colour that make this refreshment so attractive to all ages. Traditional pocket money purchases such as Sweets, Crisps and Fizzy drinks all have there place in the market, but Snowycones have captured the imagination of shoppers and retail buyers not to mention children of all ages. With a strong domestic/leisure market that has displayed little signs of diminishing, Snowycones has focussed on what the consumer wants and devised a sound and tested way of delivering the goods.

Many who start up their own business lack some or all of these qualities. Many fail because they cannot learn quickly enough - before the money runs out. 80% of new businesses starting today will fail within the first five years.

With a franchise this risk is substantially reduced - because the franchisees are buying the experience and expertise of the franchisor. This will also stop them making the same mistakes that the franchisor has made during their trading life.

And because they become part of a successful and established business the franchisees are able to take advantage of the franchisors buying power and strong relationships that they have developed over the years.

This is a business investment opportunity that has relatively low-level entry costs, in comparison with other businesses like high street stores, easily manageable running costs and open ended rewards. Right from the outset we offer a plan that covers the essential building blocks of a successful business: • Sales Plan • Marketing Plan

Other Franchise Benefits

You will have control of your very own trading area and reaping the rewards from the sales that take place within that area.

As we said right at the beginning of this section a franchise provides the opportunity for people to earn a high income working for themselves but with the training, support and experience of an established business behind them.

We at Snowycones are selling an established product and service with a turnkey business plan and format for you to operate. This includes the brand, systems and processes, lead generation and marketing assistance plus help with raising finance if required.

The future expansion of your business depends very much on your individual ambitions. You may be happy running a successful Snowycone outlet with a comfortable income, or you may wish to expand either the size of the business within your own town, or to open more outlets as well as promoting Snowycones and attracting other customers into our industry. With the help of the expertise provided by the Snowycone development team our Franchisees will be able to take their business to a level which they wouldn't have been able to achieve one their own. Within the Snowycone brand we have additional add-ons to your business (depending on the size of your operation) which we will cover with you a later stage. The size and shape of your new business venture is limited only by your imagination and ambition.

A Few Benefits of Owning a Snowy cones Franchise

LOW OVERHEADS: You don’t have to pay expensive rent, utilities, high staff wages and more due to it being a mobile operation.

HIGH PROFIT MARGINS: Product cost is 20% or less for retailing.

UNLIMITED CUSTOMERS AND FLEXIBLE HOURS: You don’t have to wait for the customers to come to you – you can go where the people are!

NO EMPLOYEES: You can start up with zero employees if your plan is to be an owner-operator franchisee.

If you are interested in finding out more or CALL 01633 868381 South Wales 0800 612 6403 National

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