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Snowy Cones

250ml x 12 Sugar Free

250ml x 12 Sugar Free

250ml x 12 Sugar Free


Price Excluding VAT: £22.99
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Flavours:- Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Lemon & Lime, Pink Bubblegum, Cola, Cherry, Mango, Candy Floss, Orange, Sour Apple, Grape, Tropical

Snowy Cones Flavours allows you to make eye catching shaved ice or snow cone refreshments that can be made at home easily without any expertise.
Made with Sweeteners, they are also Gluten and Dairy free and so can be bought with confidence for use at parties, barbecues or any event be it indoors or outdoors.
Simply use a Snow Cone maker or Crush Ice finely and add the flavour of your choice. Or add more than one to mix and match and create a rainbow of flavours.
Snowy Cones are a refreshing alternative to ice creams, that contain almost no fat, are are made primarily using water, so they are a great way of keeping you hydrated and cool.
Our Snowy Cones flavours are specifically made for "Topping" snow cones and shaved ice products.

Snowy Cones Snow Cones are delicious in-hand refreshments made from ice cubes that are shaved into the consistency of snow using our Snowy Cones maker.

This unique product is then drenched with high quality flavoured syrups to produce a refreshingly cool snack.

Eye catching refreshments are made easily with no expertise and are served in a flower cup, cone or tub and are eaten with a straw spoon.

Made using only the finest ingredients with a superb high quality flavour range. Our Snowy Conesflavours are specifically made for "Topping" snow cones and shaved ice products.

Last date modified: 6th April 2023

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